We Pick Our Corn Daily

corn on the cobSelmi’s Super Sweet corn is a wonderful treat and a must for any family barbecue. And guess what – it has tremendous nutritional value. It’s a whole grain, tastes great and has plenty of nutrients. Selmi’s supersweet corn is so fresh and sweet you don’t need butter! In fact it’s so fresh, you only need to cook if for a few minutes.

Always buy super sweet corn soon after it’s picked, because the sugars in corn convert so quickly to starch. That’s why at Selmi’s, we pick our corn daily.

The ONLY place to grab a bag of Selmi’s Fresh Picked Super Sweet Corn is:

  • Dixon, North Galena, next to Farley’s. Open daily 11 am - 6 pm
  • Sterling, Northland Mall. Open daily 10 am - 6 pm
  • Rock Falls, at Our Farm on Dixon Avenue. Open daily 8 am - 6 pm


Our super sweet corn season runs from July through September, give or take a few weeks.

However, if you buy extra and freeze it, you can have Selmi's Super Sweet Corn all year long!

What Makes Selmi's Corn So Sweet?

Generations of breeding, "ah ha" moments in history, good farming and great soil for starters.

As far back as the late 1700's, Americans came across fields of particularly sweet yellow corn that the Iroquois had been growing in the Great Lakes region. They began to grow the strain for themselves, making it the first "sweet corn" known to us today. Still, an early problem posed by corn was that it would lose about half its sweetness within 24 hours of picking, becoming more and more starchy. So in the 1800s, planters began mixing and matching corn characteristics to breed varieties that would stay sweeter longer—meaning the kernels had more sugar. Thus developed the three main strains of corn we see today in the U.S.: normal sugary, sugar-enhanced, and Selmi's variety--super sweet (three times as much sugar). Combine this with the rich soil found near the Rock River, where our farm is, and you have the perfect ingredients for the sweetest corn found anywhere. And again, we sell fresh corn, picked the same day, which makes it taste even better!