selmi corn towerSummer Is Finally Here And That Means Fresh Selmi’s Super Sweet Corn!

We Pick Our Corn Daily

Selmi’s sweet corn is a wonderful treat and a must for any family barbecue. And guess what – it has tremendous nutritional value. It’s a whole grain, tastes great and has plenty of nutrients. Selmi’s sweet corn is so fresh and sweet you don’t need butter! In fact it’s so fresh, you only need to cook if for a few minutes.

Always buy sweet corn soon after it’s picked, because the sugars in corn convert so quickly to starch. That’s why at Selmi’s, we pick our corn daily.

The ONLY place to grab a bag of Selmi’s Fresh Picked Sweet Corn is:

  • Dixon, North Galena, next to Farley’s. Open daily 11 am - 6 pm
  • Sterling, Northland Mall. Open daily 10 am - 6 pm
  • Rock Falls, at Our Farm on Dixon Avenue. Open daily 8 am - 6 pm

$7/doz and $3.75/half dozen. Anything over 5 dozen is $6.50/doz.


Eating Sweet Corn

  1. Bring water to a slow boil, cook corn in batches, boiling for 5 minutes each batch.
  2. Transfer cooked ears to a dish towel or cooling rack, allow to drain and cool until easily handled (this is how you keep the corn from being too watery).
  3. Begin cutting kernels off so they fall into the pan. Then angle knife slightly to get the small bits out of the ears. Repeat until pan is full or all ears are cut.
  4. Pour butter over kernels and mix well (this gives each kernel its own seal).
  5. Put about 2 cups of corn into individual bags. Squeeze all the air out, seal then push to flatten each bag. Use a straw to suck out all the air.
  6. Freeze flat on a cookie sheet to keep each bag flat, then stack to store in freezer.
  7. Corn will be good for up to a year, to use, defrost in the microwave and serve.