Do you charge to get in the Pumpkin Patch?

No. There is no admission fee to get on the farm.

What is there to do and how much does it cost?

It depends on when you’re visiting us. The Selmi’s Farm is open to anyone 9-6 daily until Halloween. You can pick out the perfect pumpkin, take pictures and play in the yard, feed the animals in the Petting Zoo and purchase items in the barn at anytime.

We sell wristbands for $3 on the Weekdays. You have unlimited access to the indoor playland, corn bin, brand new bounce houses), the kids corn maze and the kids themed haunted house. We do have many School Field Trips during the morning hours and in the afternoon until 2 so it’s better to come after 3:00.

We sell wristbands for $6 on Weekends and Columbus Day. You have unlimited access to the indoor playland(corn bin, brand new bounce houses), the kids corn maze, the kids themed haunted house and 1 Ticket for the wagon ride around the field.

When are the Apple Cider Donuts available and what is there to eat?

We’ll start getting Apple Cider Donuts on Sept 24th. Cliff and Rhonda Jones make the donuts fresh and deliver them to us. These are typically available throughout the week until Halloween and sold by the Dozen only. Please call for availability.

Starting Oct 8th, the Apple Cider Donut trailer will be at Selmi’s the next 4 weekends making donuts for your enjoyment. You can purchase any quantity of donuts your heart desires!

New this year at Selmi’s... we’ll be offering a concession stand with popcorn, hot pretzels, nachos, candy and more.

What kind of apples do you offer?     

Selmi’s offers fresh Michigan Apples throughout the Fall season. We go direct to the orchard in Michigan weekly and get fresh apples that are in season. Some of the varieties we offer are: Honeycrisp, Cortland, Mcintosh, JonaGold, Jonathan, Yellow Delicious, Gala, and Fuji.

How do you rent the party room and what is included?

Our Party Room will be available for rent starting Saturday, Sept 24th this year and run through Sunday, Oct 30th. We have times of 9-12 AM, 12-3 PM or 3-6 PM available. This allows for 30 minutes setup time, 2 hour party time, and 30 minutes of clean-up time.The charge for the party room is $120 minimum which gives you 20 wristbands. We also require a $50 down payment to hold the room, which will be applied to the balance the day of your party. Your remaining balance will be due the day of the party.

If you have more people than 20 people that want to do the activities, it's $6/wristband extra. We ask that at least a couple adults have wristbands that can supervise the children as they are doing the various activities around the farm. The activities included in the wristband are: 1- ticket for the hayrack ride, unlimited access to the children's indoor playland, haunted house and corn maze. There are also areas to play/take pictures out in the pumpkin patch, as well as, a petting zoo to feed and pet the animals.

The party room is Halloween themed with chairs and tables for 50-75 people. There is an area to serve food that you may bring and electrical outlets for crock pots. There is also a kitchen and private restroom. Heat is also available if weather is cold.

To book please call: 815-626-3830 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

How much are the pumpkins?

The pumpkins are $0.39/LB. Pumpkins are typically $1-2 for a pie pumpkin, $4-7 for a medium sized pumpkin and $8 and up for large Jack-o-Lantern carving pumpkins.

Do you have any specific rules or age requirements for the Pumpkin Patch?

Wristbands must be worn by all customers over the age of 2 if you want to enter the paid activities areas, including the indoor playland. We ask that at least 1 adult accompany your children in the paid activities. We do not allow your children to be dropped off at the Pumpkin Patch unattended. We want all guests to enjoy their experience so please watch your children and do not allow them to run wild or do whatever they want.

Our private room is in the back of the greenhouse. We usually have 40-50 chairs and 5-6 tables, decorated in orange and black plastic clothes and gourds.

There is a small amount of room in the refrigerator in the kitchen for ice cream or other cold things. We can have a power strip for crockpots, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. There is a long bench for setting out food buffet style. You may bring in your own food (sometimes pizza is delivered from your choice).

Time slots are on Saturdays and Sundays in three hour intervals, 9am-12, 12-3, and 3-6. We suggest a half hour for setup and half hour for cleanup, leaving 2 hours for the party.

Our Minimum is $100, with a $50 deposit on the day of reserving, no matter how few people you have. It comes with 15 wristbands for adults and children. We suggest at least 1 adult do the activities for each 5-6 children. If you need to purchase more tickets, they would be $6 for each person. 

We offer on weekends, for the cost of your ticket, a horse and wagon ride around Selmi's field, the corn field maze, the haunted house, entry to the "Little Spooks' Fun House" (movies, play and corn bin, unlimited bounce house), all the outdoor fun and look at the petting farm (food not included). This package doesn not include a pumpkin.

Check availability on our calendar before calling.

Party Room 2Party Room 1

Pumpkin Patch

Come celebrate the harvest of the the season in a big way! It's been a Selmi family tradition for more than 60 years, even the 5th generation is starting to join in the fun as have many of you. Do you remember when you were a kid and enjoying all the Autumn family fun, including pumpkins, carving supplies, gourds, squash, cider, apples and more? That tradition continues today. So, bring your kids or grandkids to experince the same fun you had when you were a kid. After all, this time of year, we're all kids at heart!

School tours highlight the weekdays. On weekends, join us for horse drawn wagon rides, corn maze, petting farm, haunted house and “Little Spook’s Playhouse” all for one low price of $6.

This year we added an improved parking lot and will have better traffic flow pattern that will make things much, much safer.

Weekdays - Wristbands for $3

  • Unlimited access to the indoor playland (corn bin, brand new bounce houses, race track)
  • Unlimited access to the kids corn maze and the kids themed haunted house
  • Petting Zoo
  • Play in the yard

Weekends - Wristbands for $6

  • Unlimited access to the indoor playland (corn bin, brand new bounce houses)
  • Unlimited access to the kids corn maze and the kids themed haunted house
  • 1 Ticket for the wagon ride around the field


school bus

Our Selmi's Fall Tour is an educational and fun field trip.

Students will learn more about the farm while having many activities to celebrate the harvest

Our tour is approximately 75 fun minutes. We charge $5 per student and $2 per adult. We allow one free teacher per class, except for special education programs, which there are no restrictions on the number of teachers or assistance. Please see calendar page for availability.

Tours Include

  • Hay Ride
  • Corn Maze
  • Food for Animals
  • Indoor play area features a movie about Selmi's, bounce houses, and corn bin.
  • Outdoor play area features an authentic Native American TeePee and photo opportunities.
  • Take home a small pumpkin.

We recommend 15-25 people per wagon ride. Please inform us if your class will need to be split to accomodate for extra parents.

Call the farm for reservations at (815) 626-3830, 9 am and 6 pm daily. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We Pick Our Corn Daily

corn on the cobSelmi’s Super Sweet corn is a wonderful treat and a must for any family barbecue. And guess what – it has tremendous nutritional value. It’s a whole grain, tastes great and has plenty of nutrients. Selmi’s supersweet corn is so fresh and sweet you don’t need butter! In fact it’s so fresh, you only need to cook if for a few minutes.

Always buy super sweet corn soon after it’s picked, because the sugars in corn convert so quickly to starch. That’s why at Selmi’s, we pick our corn daily.

The ONLY place to grab a bag of Selmi’s Fresh Picked Super Sweet Corn is:

  • Dixon, North Galena, next to Farley’s. Open daily 11 am - 6 pm
  • Sterling, Northland Mall. Open daily 10 am - 6 pm
  • Rock Falls, at Our Farm on Dixon Avenue. Open daily 8 am - 6 pm


Our super sweet corn season runs from July through September, give or take a few weeks.

However, if you buy extra and freeze it, you can have Selmi's Super Sweet Corn all year long!

What Makes Selmi's Corn So Sweet?

Generations of breeding, "ah ha" moments in history, good farming and great soil for starters.

As far back as the late 1700's, Americans came across fields of particularly sweet yellow corn that the Iroquois had been growing in the Great Lakes region. They began to grow the strain for themselves, making it the first "sweet corn" known to us today. Still, an early problem posed by corn was that it would lose about half its sweetness within 24 hours of picking, becoming more and more starchy. So in the 1800s, planters began mixing and matching corn characteristics to breed varieties that would stay sweeter longer—meaning the kernels had more sugar. Thus developed the three main strains of corn we see today in the U.S.: normal sugary, sugar-enhanced, and Selmi's variety--super sweet (three times as much sugar). Combine this with the rich soil found near the Rock River, where our farm is, and you have the perfect ingredients for the sweetest corn found anywhere. And again, we sell fresh corn, picked the same day, which makes it taste even better!