This corn bread is ideal for breakfast or as a snack, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. I also think that it would be interesting if eaten as a side dish with a hearty stew on top. It’s all up to you…

Now if you will please excuse me, my loaf of fresh corn bread is hot from the oven and calling my name…

This is a fun summer recipe but can easily be served year-round, using frozen corn. Eat it on its own or serve with some tortilla chips. It is also a gorgous dish with all the colors of the beans, greens and corn! It's also easy, quick to make and healthy.

Sweet Corn Casserole is a staple for many families, especially on Thanksgiving. It is made every year and every year it's fantastic! But don't limit this casserole to the holidays, oh no, no, no.  It’s so simple to make and and you can adapt it to make it healthier by going the low fat route and skip the Ritz crackers. I know, who's gonna so that, right? Still, enjoy this dish year-round, especially when sweet corn is in season.

It can be made ahead of time.

One of the best ways to preserve food comes from mother nature, freezing! And with modern freezers comes more consistant temperatures, which can keep froozen food much longer. In fact, frozen sweet corn can easily keep for up to six months without loosing much flavor.

So, let's get freezing!